Jane Katharina di Renzo born 1987 is an italian-german photographer based in Berlin and Istanbul.

In Jane Katharina di Renzos photography world view is based in reality, but offers a intimate view. She plays in her Photography with every conceptual aspect abstract from situation, documents reality with an ironic spirit.

In her Portraits she works very closed together with the people, that her portrait get a very intensive expression.

" For me photography is trust, respects and humanism"

Her Influences are people and stories on street. In the circle of very different scenen, artist, homosexual, religion and modern life, social conflicts and the syrian war, is her based influence.

Languages: German, English, Italian, Türkish


2010 Performance/ Exhibition, Bergstübl, Berlin, Germany

2010 Silent Noise, Group Photography Exhibition, BTK, Berlin

2010 Freaky Circus Multi Media Exhibition, Kvartira 62, Berlin, Germany

2011 Group Exhibition, Tought Gallery, New York City

2012 Europäischer Monat der Fotografie, Berlin, Germany

2013 Tutanchamun Exhibition, Experimental-Film "Bodycount 11511", Arena, Berlin, Germany

2013 ApertaMente, Art Festival, Pescina (AQ), Italy

2013 ApertaMente On Tour, Aquila (AQ), Italy

2013 Berlino vs. Fontamara, Group Exhibition, Pescina

2013 Photo Opportunity: The Ubiquity of Photography Group Exhibition, DadaPost, Berlin

2014 01 Binario Digitale, Apertamente, Art Festival, Pescina (AQ), Italia

2014 Einblick, Group Exhibition, Neurotitan, Berlin

2014 Oktobergeflüster, Exhibition, Bethanien, Berlin

2015 Mostra racconta Pescina, Group Exhibition, Pescina Italy

2016 Group Exhibition, Supa, Istanbul

2017 8.Mart Kadin Gün, Group Exhibition Dogus University, Istanbul

2017  October, Solo Exhibiton with Artist Talk, Dogus University, Istanbul

You are welcome to visit the upcoming exhibitions, mail me for further information.

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